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Breakaway Roping

For riders who participate in Breakaway Roping, Beastmaster Rodeo will ensure you have only the best equipment and supplies on the market.  We offer plastic and nylon Breakaway Ropes, multicolored Breakaway Hondas, and saddle pads.  Beastmaster Rodeo also features Betty Gayle Cooper Breakaway Hondas.    

Always a popular event in junior, high school and college rodeos, Breakaway Calf Roping is a fan favorite among young and old alike.  Considered a safer variation on Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping focuses on speed, accuracy, and precision lassoing.  With one end of the rope secured to the saddle horn, once the rider ropes the calf, they simply stop their horse breaking away the rope.  The event only requires a rider to rope the calf, not throw and tie the animal. 

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